Maximizing Business Value: How to Retain Key Employees

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Retaining Key EmployeesSeveral years ago, our firm represented a well-established, profitable business, with over 30 employees, many of which had been with the company 20+ years. The business owner engaged our firm to help him sell this company, which had been around over 35 years, with excellent financial results. However, without consulting our firm, and […]

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Experienced Business Professional Monica Jomah Joins Corporate Investment

Monica Jomah, an experienced business professional and entrepreneur, has joined Corporate Investment, Austin-based financial advisory firm that specializes in sell-side representation of successful business owners throughout Texas. “My new role with Corporate Investment is a natural fit with my skill set and experience,” said Jomah. “I’m looking forward to helping business owners get the best price […]

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M&A Update for 2020

While 2020 was extremely challenging, the introduction of vaccines should provide optimism that both our health and the economy will improve in 2021. COVID-19 had an impact on M&A activity as the pandemic took its toll on the nation. However, as the year closed out, the total impact on M&A activity was not as dramatic […]

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Who Will Buy Your Business?

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When a business owner decides it is time to sell, the next thing they often wonder is “who will buy my business?” Many private business owners tend to underestimate the number of buyers who may have an interest in their company.  Buyers can be classified in two broad categories, strategic buyers and financial buyers. Strategic […]

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What is a Letter of Intent (LOI) in M&A – and Why Use One?

Letter of Intent (LOI) M&A

What is a Letter of Intent (LOI) in M&A? The Letter of Intent (LOI) in M&A is a written, non-binding document which outlines an agreement in principle for the buyer to purchase the seller’s business, stating the proposed price and terms. The mutually signed LOI is required before the buyer proceeds with the “due diligence” […]

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How to Increase Value by De-Risking Your Business

Increase Value by De-Risking Your Business

Business owners quite often receive information advising them how to increase the value of their business. In our experience, there is so much information that establishing priorities is overwhelming, leading to “paralysis by analysis.”Focusing on de-risking the business relates to addressing issues that affect a buyer’s perception of risk, which then impact the discount rate […]

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