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Corporate Investment works hard to get the best possible outcome in every business sale transaction. Our pleased clients are the beneficiaries of our years of experience and professionalism.

I founded my auto aftermarket products company, BullRing, 20 years ago. BullRing grew to be America’s #1 truck bed tie down accessory largely due to my philosophy and dedication to providing 100% customer satisfaction. So, when the time came to sell my business, it was important for me to pick an M&A advisory firm that was focused on customer satisfaction. I interviewed multiple firms and picked Corporate Investment to represent me.

Corporate Investment provided a high level of service through each phase of my sale. From preparing high quality, professional marketing materials, to engaging multiple prospective qualified buyers and negotiating the letter of intent. Once the LOI was signed I, like many business owners, was under the impression that the majority of the work was done but I found out that getting from LOI to closing requires a lot of detailed work. During the process Corporate Investment introduced me to other experts needed to complete the sale. Together as a team, I, my attorney, CPAs, insurance agents and Corporate Investment navigated the due diligence process and finalized the closing documents all the way until the money was in the bank.

I was relieved when the sale was completed. I am 100% satisfied with the work, advice and time Corporate Investment devoted to representing me in the sale of my business. I got the big-time investment banking experience that is rarely found for a business my size. Hiring Corporate Investment to sell my company proved to be the right decision for me. I am going to miss working with my Corporate Investment guys. If I ever have a business to sell again, they are the only ones I will call."

Don Egigian

Owner, BullRing

Our family has owned our business, Peabody General Contractors, for over 30 years, and it was a big decision to sell the business. We chose Corporate Investment to represent us in the sale of the company due to their experience and reputation. They really guided us when we went to market and were there every step of the way. The sale was much more complex than we expected. Having the Corporate Investment team on our side of the table, in every meeting and phone call, with their financial knowledge really helped in negotiations. I don't know how you could sell your business without someone with their experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Corporate Investment to any business owner who want to sell their business."

Shelley Peabody

President, Peabody General Contractors, Inc.

Fifty percent of my adult life was spent building Dustless-Air Filter Company and shaping it into an organization where the employees were proud to be a part of its team, customers believed they received value from the products and services, and vendors cherished their relationship with Dustless. When I arrived at the crossroads of life where you sell or keep, it was important that any firm marketing the business would operate with my same set of values. After considering multiple brokers I decided to retain Corporate Investment. I can say with confidence that the decision to entrust Corporate Investment with the marketing and sale of my business proved to be an excellent choice.

The professionals at Corporate Investment exceeded my expectations across the board. Their process was not a simple valuation of the company followed by posting an attractive photo and asking price on the internet. They did an in-depth study of the company’s financials going back 5 years then came back to me with many, many questions of why. After fully understanding the financials they waded deep into the all the organization’s personnel, business practices and processes to gain a complete understanding of what produced the financials, which at that point they seemed to have memorized.  Based on their thorough study and evaluation, marketing materials were developed that communicated the culture of the company and the unique aspects which created value.

The bottom line of any marketing plan is results, and Corporate Investment’s marketing plan produced great results. Multiple offers were generated, all of which met my expectations, with a few even exceeding expectations. When all the talks were completed, and the Purchase Agreement was signed, I was confident that I received full value for my business. More than receiving top dollar for my company, their careful marketing to, and screening of, potential buyers resulted in the business being acquired by a team I am confident will continue the legacy I am proud of.

I am very glad I decided to trust Corporate Investment to represent me in the sale of my company."

Kyle Gish

Former owner,
Dustless-Air Filter Company  

We just wanted to take the opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to you and your firm...After listening to our needs and wants for the future of our company, you contacted a group who was able to help launch us in the direction we wanted to go...From the time you spent on researching the future housing market, to the constant recasting and forecasting of financials, your firm was always on top of what needed to be done. We could not have possibly had the time to do these ourselves. Your efforts allowed us to continue to run our business on a daily basis. We have already referred your firm to someone else and will continue to do so in the future."

Mike and Kelley Church

Owners, Cody Pools

I just wanted to send you a letter to thank you for the professional manner in which your firm handled the sale of our business. We were approached by an industry buyer, and we needed professional assistance in handling this situation. Corporate Investment was successful in making this buyer move forward and in fact, getting them to increase their offer by a significant amount. Although it took eight months for another buyer to put their offer on the table, we ended up being able to choose between the two offers, with the knowledge that we had a fair representation of the market value for our business. There were times when it looked like the deal might not happen, but everyone hung in there and worked through the problems. Having our team of the business intermediary and attorney work together really showed the value of using professionals on these complicated transactions."

Dan Cates

President, MedTech Diagnostics

When I decided to sell my national PR/marketing firm to the management team I had in place, I knew I would need a great lawyer and a smart accountant. I didn't know I would need a business broker but when that need arose, I got lucky and found Larry Schumann and Corporate Investment. Our sale would not have happened without Larry and his team. The sale of my company was a complicated one made more so by strong personalities, including my own. Larry came on to the scene when relationships had soured and a buy out did not look remotely possible. Through Larry's calm guidance and expert advice, we did successfully sell our company to the managers who wanted to buy it. In the end, we were all happy with the outcome, and that was a minor miracle. We give all credit to Larry as he was the one who made it happen."

Leann Phenix

Owner and CEO, Phenix & Phenix Publicists, Inc.

Selling a business like ours is a complicated, time consuming process, and Corporate Investment worked very diligently to find the best buyer, negotiate the terms of the sale, and help the transaction close. I did not realize all of the things that had to be negotiated and agreed upon to get the contract signed...There always seems to be a million details to be worked out, but we always found a solution. Your firm really showed the value of a business intermediary on this transaction. I would not hesitate to recommend Corporate Investment to any business owner who wants to sell their business, and believe your firm's effort resulted in us receiving the highest price for our business. Should we ever decide to purchase or sell another business, we will definitely call Corporate Investment to handle the transaction."

Don Honeycutt

Honeycutt Fire Systems

Thank you for all the time and effort you and Corporate Investment put into the sale of AcuScribe Court Reporters. You and your group did a wonderful job of bringing forth potential buyers on a consistent basis. I was really impressed with your professionalism and truly appreciated the fact that I could talk with you about my thoughts and concerns. You also became a wonderful confidante and went above and beyond my expectations in all the help you provided me. I would not have wanted to go through the selling process without your help. There are so many variables and steps to go through in selling a business, and I wouldn't have had any idea how to go about handling all of them by myself. Your expertise proved to be extremely helpful."

Cindy Barron

Owner, AcuScribe Court Reporters

The experiences described in these testimonials may not be representative of the experiences of all of our clients. Furthermore, the results obtained may not be indicative of the future experiences which may be obtained by any of our clients.

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