You can trust our senior San Antonio M&A dealmakers to guide you through the often difficult M&A process and achieve your goals for your lower middle-market business.

Corporate Investment provides sell side advisory services to successful lower middle-market business owners with values between $2 million and $20 million.

The process of selling a privately owned company is extremely complex, and since 1984 Corporate Investment has guided over 400 business owners through the business sale process. Corporate Investment has completed transactions in the manufacturing, distribution, B2B services and technology, healthcare, construction and engineering, and many other business sectors.

San Antonio M&A Advisors

We meet confidentially with all of our business owner clients to lay out the goals they wish to achieve in the M&A transaction.

Our experienced M&A advisory professionals then recommend the best approach to achieve the goals of each business owner, based upon our extensive experience with financial buyers such as private equity firms and family offices, and strategic buyers.

Whether our business owner client ultimately chooses a broad auction, limited auction, or negotiated sale, we discuss each of the steps needed to ensure a successful transaction, and map out the approximate timeline. Our experienced professionals then execute the plan, guiding the business owner throughout the process.

San Antonio M&A Advisory

When you choose Corporate Investment as your sell-side San Antonio M&A advisor, you get one-on-one access to our most senior advisors who will explore every option and strategize the best outcome for your business.

Always on your side of the bargaining table

Typically our clients are  busy owner-operators, who do not have the time to tackle and execute a “second job” of selling their business. To generate the most interest and maximum number of offers, we craft a detailed and present your business to appropriate buyers.

Vetted by professionals

Our role is to lead the process and also to coordinate with our client’s team, which includes professional advisors such as attorneys, accountants, wealth managers, and other professionals as needed.

We have earned the trust of top legal, accounting and wealth advisory firms throughout Texas and beyond. Many of our clients are referred to us because of our extensive track record. From evaluation through to completion, Corporate Investment is your trusted M&A advisor and partner on all phases of the transaction, ensuring critical issues are resolved and closing is successful.

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Learn more about how our M&A advisory process will help you get what you deserve for your business when you are ready to sell.

Three types of M&A processes

Broad Auction: 
A broad auction will increase the probability of obtaining the highest value by increasing the competitive dynamic in the sellers favor. Broad auctions ensure that all likely bidders are attracted to the deal, and may limit the negotiating leverage of the buyer. The disadvantages with this approach are that harder to maintain confidentiality, takes more time, and an unsuccessful result may create the impression that the company is an undesirable asset.

Targeted Auction:
Targeted auctions often have a higher likelihood of preserving confidentiality, reduce disruption to the business, reduce  failed auctions by signaling a goal of selecting a  “partner,” maintains a perception of a competitive dynamic, and serves as a  “market check.”  The disadvantages to a targeted auction are that it may miss credible but non-obvious buyers. There is also less competition, which reduces the seller’s leverage, and there is the possibility of the seller leaving money on the table.

Negotiated Sale: 
The negotiated sale has the highest amount of confidentiality, is typically less disruptive than an auction, gives you more timing flexibility, and is usually quickest to close. The disadvantages of a negotiated sale include constrained negotiating leverage for the seller, the possibility to leave money on the table, may need the owner to share sensitive data with no assurance of a closing, and garners limited market data with which the owner must make a decision. The negotiated sale requires that management must take the time to satisfy all buyer due diligence, and may limit the ability to keep the buyer moving towards closing.

Corporate Investment's San Antonio M&A advisors will guide you through the entire complex M&A timeline

While every transaction is unique, most transactions include similar stages.  This chart represents a typical timeline for completion of a business sale. Depending on specific circumstances of the company, its desired objectives and the optimal marketing strategy, this time frame will be shortened or lengthened.

San Antonio M&A Timeline

We advise successful business owners and M&A clients in San Antonio, Texas, Central Texas and throughout the southwest

Corporate Investment is the leading lower middle-market M&A advisory serving Central Texas, with offices in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. We have handled hundreds of transactions and routinely handle deals ranging from multimillion dollar privately owned companies to businesses with 50 employees.

Selling a privately owned business is a complicated endeavor, with many steps and possible pitfalls. The Corporate Investment San Antonio M&A Advisory team will guide you through this complex process every step of the way. 

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